Fill your Cup

Fill Your Cup

Fill your cup. Easier said than done isn’t it? Especially if you’re a birth or breastfeeding professional. This is why I decided to combine the ongoing learning that is necessary for birth and breastfeeding professionals with self care and nurture. Ok, so firstly I have to admit I still have to work hard to remember to do simple things for self care, especially when I am busy. I have to work on it. I have been really crap at this in the past and know that putting myself at the bottom if the pile is not good for anyone around me and it certainly is not helpful for my mental health.

As an IBCLC I am required to keep up to date in my practice and part of this ongoing learning usually involves attending conferences. I have attended countless conferences and do love the feeling of energy in the room when an inspiring speaker delivers a talk and I do get a real high from leaving the event with new knowledge and ideas to improve the way I can support families. I also love love love seeing friends and colleagues I haven’t seen for ages, some of us joke we really only see each other annually ‘in real life’ at that particular conference. I find that at many conferences the breaks are never long enough to catch up properly and the food is a bit crap and there is not enough of it (well for me anyway)! There is also a slight feeling of overwhelm at the jam packed schedule, numbers of different topics covered and the stress of wondering how many laps you need to almost sit on if you need a wee in the middle of a talk and have to clamber over hundreds of people tripping over bags and legs. And don’t get me started about the fear factor if you want to ask a question. ‘Will I look stupid if I ask that? What the hell does that acronym mean? A MICROPHONE? a MICROPHONE? Well thats that then, I cant put my hand up and ask a question if there’s microphone involved. I can’t cope with speaking in front of ALL these people!’ Maybe this isn’t you but I am sure I am not the only one who has these types of internal dialogue in these situations.

And breathe…

I want to offer something a bit different to you. Imagine a day in a nurturing learning environment with 1-2 awesome speakers, long breaks, delicious food and decent coffee and selection of teas. A chance to truly spend the day with the speakers, and a small group (max 12) of like minded people. No microphones, no complicated powerpoint presentations or projectors. Just time together sharing knowledge and a space to feel relaxed enough to ask the questions you want to ask. A lunch prepared lovingly by with fresh, whole ingredients. Think crusty sourdough bread with vegan fermented bean stew and an amazing vegan, gluten free cake. All dietary requirements carefully planned for. Sound appealing? Also no queue for the toilet, imagine the luxury! I want every person who attends a Fill Your Cup day to feel more relaxed, nurtured and inspired by the end of the day. I will invite you into my home in Whitstable, Kent and we will have a fulfilling day together.

The next Fill Your Cup is 2nd February 2019 with the awesome Lyndsey Hookway ( and Zainab Yate ( speaking!!!

tickets available …

If this sounds like something that could be for you or a colleague please come join us and even consider making a weekend of it. Whitstable is lovely and I am happy to share tips on where to stay/ eat/ visit.

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(photo with rainbow sling by Fergus Noone)