Leaps and Bounds package mum

“I can not recommend Carmen enough. She is the reason I am still breastfeeding my son at 9 months. Breastfeeding was a challenge for me from the start. My son was born prematurely and was not able to latch properly. We were given nipple shields which were great at first, but several months later they were affecting my supply and my son’s ability to take milk and he started to reject them. Breastfeeding became a long battle which was unpleasant for both me and my son. Well meaning relatives kept pushing me to “put him on the bottle” and turn to formula. By the time I found Carmen I was close to giving up on breastfeeding. From the start she was calm, kind and fully understood the seriousness of my predicament. She listened intently whilst I poured my heart out over a cup of ginger tea and gave helpful, thoughtful and supportive advice. Over a period of a couple of months she gave me confidence in my ability to breastfeed and helped us lose the shields for good. She was always available to catch up over the phone and frequently checked in to make sure I was ok, which I really appreciated. Carmen saved our breastfeeding relationship and I am still happily breastfeeding my son at 9 months, with no plans to stop. 4 months ago I didn’t think that would be possible!” "Carmen was able to convey important evidence based concepts to improve my breastfeeding experience with care and an understanding of my emotional needs and wants. I was able to see Carmen within a couple of days of reaching out for help and she was flexible with timing. Carmen followed up the appointment with a full written report and email check in which was useful for those questions that only come up when you start putting the new techniques into practice. Carmen enabled me to continue my breastfeeding journey with my little boy even with a chronic low supply and I would highly recommend her services"


"Having exclusively breastfed my son since birth I was very nervous about returning to work when he was 6 months old. I was not sure if I would be able to continue to breastfeed whilst working part time but I was determined to find out so that is why I got in contact with Carmen and set up a consultation. Carmen was extremely helpful, she enabled me to draw up a realistic plan for how I could structure my day so I could express my milk and not compromise my supply, she also educated me on the laws surrounding breastfeeding at work and how best to approach my employer. I am very grateful to Carmen for helping me realise that my breastfeeding journey didn't have to end just because I was returning to work."



"Carmen helped me to breastfeed both my children. I am still on that journey having fed my eldest for 2 years 8 months and my youngest is still going strong 2 and a half years in. Carmen helped me both in the early days and continues to help me on this journey. She visited me on postnatal ward when my first was poorly and gave me the confidence to believe my body was enough to sustain him and help him get better. With my second she came to see me several times, as my baby had a tongue tie. She sat with us and and used all her tricks to convince my little one to latch and she did. She also spent time with my husband explaining the mechanics and how to cup feed which gave him reassurance and was invaluable in him providing practical support to us. I couldn't have done it without her. She is amazing, knowledgable and calm. Thank you Carmen. You are awesome. 


"Carmen was so lovely and supported me through a very difficult time trying to breastfeed my second child who had a tongue tie and I was very sore with sore cracked bleeding nipples. She spent endless time checking in with me via text and phone calls after her consult. The knowledge she has is amazing. Almost 9 months on and breastfeeding is going excellent."



"Absolutley amazing! Having breastfed my son for almost a year I thought breastfeeding my second would be a breeze. How wrong I was but luckily Carmen was recommended by a few people and after spending a couple of hours with her we were back on track. Carmen has a really kind, gentle and sympathetic manner and really made and baby feel at ease. And the after care and follow ups were very reassuring indeed! A big thank you Carmen from myself, Ella and a very grateful husband!"