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About me

Hello! I'm Carmen. I am an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), a registered paediatric nurse, health visitor and I’m also a breastfeeding mother of two. I work with women and their little ones to help support and improve their experiences of breastfeeding, whatever stage of the journey they are at.


I help women at all stages of the breastfeeding journey – from pregnant women looking advice on how to get off to the right start, to those who are preparing to go back to work and maintain breastfeeding.

You may be here because you are exhausted, at your wits end and really don't know how you are going to face the next feed. Or you may have some niggling doubts and worries that you would like to discuss with an expert.

I give the women I work with, the chance to sit down with a cuppa (and a slice of cake!) with someone who knows about breastfeeding, who can listen to their story, assess a feed and make a plan of action with them. 


My absolute favourite part of working with a family is seeing mums gaining confidence in their bodies, the process of breastfeeding and their little one’s abilities as a breastfeeding baby. I quite literally jump for joy when women fulfil their goals and love being part of their journey. Being so involved in this intense and emotional time also means I am there alongside mums when they are at their lowest points and am able to offer the support needed to pick them back up again when they feel like they can't continue. Breastfeeding and motherhood can be a complete rollercoaster and I can offer the support needed to make it as enjoyable, fulfilling and relaxing as possible. 


How I work

I offer a range of face to face and online services and packages designed to suit your individual needs and circumstances. Follow this link for details of services. I offer face to face consultations in your home if you live in South East London and some parts of Kent. Or we can chat via Skype/ Facetime worldwide for some breastfeeding challenges. 


My Certifications & Experience

I have been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for over 4 years, a paediatric nurse for over 12 years and a specialist breastfeeding Health Visitor and infant feeding lead. I am also a breastfeeding peer supporter and am currently studying a MSc in tongue tie assessment and treatment at the University of Wolverhampton. Blimey that was a mouthful! 


I have worked with hundreds of families with a multitude of concerns. I train health care professionals in breastfeeding, I have also written and teach breastfeeding courses and have written breastfeeding policies. I have spoken at events on how to improve breastfeeding services in the community and most recently spoke at the Royal Society of Medicine, London. I am an active participant of the infant feeding and inequalities All Parties Parliamentary Group (APPG) at the Houses of Parliament and work to improve breastfeeding support on a societal level. 

I am a professional member of Lactation Consultants of Great Britain, La Leche League, and Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners. 

I have also published articles for the NCT and healthcare professional journals. 

I am fully insured. 


My Personal Breastfeeding Story

I am a mum of two children. I am a mum who has experienced two very different birth and breastfeeding experiences. My most recent breastfeeding experience was really tough and left me lacking confidence and needing a lot of support to overcome a list of complications as long as my arm! We did overcome the challenges and I continue to breastfeed to this day. I have felt those moments of despair and raw emotion as well as those moments of pure happiness when the feed is comfortable and relaxed and you both fall asleep together side by side. 



If you think you would like to work with me, please get in touch. I would love to help support you on your breastfeeding journey!


Carmen was able to convey important evidence based concepts to improve my breastfeeding experience with care and an understanding of my emotional needs and wants
— Bobbie

What is an ibclc

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